Rumi Awards Show Disclosure
All artists, musicians, singers, Radio/TV professionals, announcers, presenters, writers, and other media professionals have agreed by one of the following communication methods to perform at the Rumi Awards : verbally, phone, Skype, social media, text, written agreement, or email.
Their presence at the show nights can not be guaranteed as a result of change in circumstances, securing US Visa, financial difficulties, or any other reason. All ticket prices, time of show, location, venue, and any other show related matters are subject to change with or without notice. There will be absolutely NO REFUND as a result of the above conditions and changes and you agree to waive all your rights for any dispute.
Rumi Awards events will be broadcast LIVE to Afghanistan and globally; by purchasing ticket you give the Rumi Awards the permission to distribute your images, videos, and/or any media to any media to any location live or without live stream/broadcast.